Convertech Paper Industries is one of the most experienced and leading companies in Israel in the field of industrial paper.

Our areas of practice include importing, cutting, rolling, processing and marketing industrial paper for the Israeli market and neighboring countries.

The Convertech site in Ashkelon is spread over an area of about 5,000 square meters, where a stock of about 2,000 tons of paper of various types is stored at any given moment.

Convertech has the most advanced equipment in Israel, including 4 slitters from 1.6 meters to 3.4 meters and a huge STRECKER 1.8 meters!

years of experience


Mr. Daniel Mamlin, a mechanical engineer and founder of Convertech, began his career in the paper industry in Israel with a small factory for the production of stickers for marking products and paper for cash registers marketed in Israel and abroad.


Purchase of the first two slitters and start providing paper cutting services to all paper and cardboard companies in Israel


Establishment of a department for the development and production of recycling systems and automatic presses for pickling paper waste marketed in Israel and around the world


Development and construction of unique machines for mass production in China of tiny rolls of paper as part of a children's game marketed by one of the largest toy companies in the world


Convertech Paper Industries Ltd. was founded and continued to prosper both in the development and production of machines and in paper cutting services.


Purchase Sliter Jagenberg 3.4 meters, in order to meet the demand for cutting extra large rolls of paper and provide a solution for all paper and rolling companies in Israel


Establishment of a department for importing stocks of paper from suppliers around the world


Purchase of a STRECKER shitter 1.8 meters wide, one of the largest and fastest in Israel. In addition, an additional and dedicated Slagen Jagenberg slider for cutting paper strips for the umbilical cord manufacturing industry


Design and construction of a laminated system in rolls for attaching papers and special gluing


Beyond a wide and large complex that helps us significantly increase the company's capabilities in manufacturing and providing rich solutions. Opening a compressed cardboard production line, opening a non-slip paper production line

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